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Kevin Haughwout

The Freed Marketer is Kevin Haughwout. He’s a marketer, an engineer, and an unrepentant problem-solver.

An experienced product developer and former design manager, Kevin hass transformed himself into a social media strategist and marketing blogger. He’s a graduate of the New York University Stern School of Business (MBA ’09) and Carnegie Mellon University (MSME ’04, BSME ’02). In his spare time, he designs and builds theater sets, dominates on the miniature golf course, fails to dominate on his Xbox, and tries to catch up with all the movies that he should have seen years ago (thanks to his new Netflix account.) He’s also a tireless social networker, both online and at professional events and conferences in and around New York City.

You can reach Kevin by e-mail at kevin @ freedmarketer.com

You can also find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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