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Measuring Virality: What Works, When


Jonah Peretti, CEO, Buzzfeed


Peretti demonstrated a meme that Buzzfeed created, “Horsemanning” (just Google it.)  While the page had some 30,000 “seed” views, another 120,000 views came from social sharing.  While this meme started with posts based on a mysterious picture and spread to mainstream media, what could you do with a more mundane object?  After “Horsemanning” was the new planking, “Razorbombing” was the NEW new planking, a meme that got a 1.7x viral lift using a Schick razor.


Metrics matter, and Buzzfeed obsessively tracks and optimizes performance of content.  However, to succeed at social media, you need the right creative spark.  Don’t get hung up on metrics and hitting your numbers; strive to influence the culture around your content.


Social Media in Hollywood: Secrets to Success and Stumbles to Avoid


Eric Kuhn, Agent, Social Media, United Talent Agency


When it comes to Twitter, SMI > TMI, that is, social media intelligence is greater than too much information.   In the context of Hollywood and social media, the objective is to drive box office results by social media buzz.


Traditional, film tracking uses awareness and interest to gauge how a movie will perform several weeks before it opens.  However, by including sentiment and volume of social media conversation, film tracking can find similar results several months before opening.  The total number of social media mentions (i.e., volume) for film trailers appears to be a stronger indicator of opening gross than positivity of sentiment.  Positivity of sentiment in social media, on the other hand, has a direct correlation to how a movie performs in weekends after it opens.


Traditionally, the most buzz (measured in volume of tweets) is created by trailers released during the Super Bowl.  However, the trailer for “The Avengers” broke records for mentions when it was debuted on Facebook, a channel that was virtually free to use as opposed to millions of dollars spent on Super Bowl ads.

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