Business Insider Social Media Analytics – Business-to-Business Social Media Analytics: The Big Issues

Ted Sapountzis, VP of Social Media Audience Marketing, SAP


We no longer talk about B2B and B2C, we now talk about people-to-people.  SAP has been building customer communities since 2003, long before social media as we understand it now existed.  They have learned three lessons in measurement:


Differentiate, but be consistent – Companies must understand the use case of the product, where the audience is in the customer journey, and the channel that they are measuring.


Don’t try to outsmart yourself – Companies must know what the question is that they are trying to answer.  They need to focus on the problem to be solved, not the sheer amount of data available.


Invest wisely – Think about use cases, not tools.  Don’t be afraid to experiment (if you don’t fail a few times, you’re not pushing the envelope enough.) Pick partners wisely; one size does not fit all.  It’s okay to outsource, but you have to build a plan to in-source.

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