Business Insider Social Media Analytics – Digital Fitness & How a Global Brand Can Be Local

Bonin Bough, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo

Technological evolution and adoption has reached a breakneck speed in our society over the last few years.  People are struggling with internet addiction, “digital death”, and being beaten at Jeopardy by a computer.  As society moves towards 100% digital adoption, success will be driven by not intelligence, but adaptable to change.  This is what Bough calls “Digital Fitness”.


Brands have to become more intelligent about listening.  It’s crucial to find people that are not just influential in general, but who drive adoption of a product.  For example, PepsiCo had to find not only well-known athletes, but also coaches who influence other athletes as part of their Gatorade analytics and communication strategy.  Effective listening offers opportunities to engage the target community at the appropriate time.


As society becomes 100% digitally adopted, it’s critical that organizations become 100% digitally adopted.  Bough sees roles like his (i.e., serving as a digital expert within a company) will become obsolete.  The entire business organization must be trained to become digital experts.

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