Realtime NY 11 (Part 3 of 4)

Following the lunch break at Realtime NY 11, I decided to check out some of the workshops that they were offering to the attendees.

Workshop: How to Manage Twitter as a Solopreneur

Ginny Cooper, The Cooper Group (@Ginny Cooper)


No one cares about your company, your product, or your service.  They care about how you can solve their problems.  Deciding how to (or if to) use Twitter in promoting your business, you have to be strategic.  This involves determining whether Twitter is right for selling your product or service (it usually is).  You can determine how other companies have succeeded by reading white pages.


As a solo entrepreneur, your personal brand and your business brand are one and the same.  However, even as a small business, you have to have strategies for listening (although you are likely to leverage free tools instead of paid ones) and crisis communications.


You need to keep your objectives in mind.  While you are not likely to become the leader of a major category as a solo entrepreneur, at least early on, you can find your niche about which to become a subject matter expert.  You have to personalize your strategy and remain transparent in your message.


Workshop: How to Network Effectively Using Realtime Tools

Perri Gorman, Options Group New York (@bethebutterfly)


As there are a myriad number of tools available for realtime networking  and communication, it may be difficult to know whether you are using the tool that is right for your strategy.


The first step is self-assessment.  Who or what are you networking for?  What value can you add to others?  What goals are you trying to accomplish?


There is a networking cycle that is appropriate across different industries, groups, etc:


  1. Research
  2. Watching & listening
  3. Approach
  4. Connection
  5. Take it offline
  6. Follow through


Gorman ran through a several tools, including Tweetdeck, Hashable, Bettween, Umagram, Rapportive, and Plancast.

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