MSM 10 – Bootcamp Workshop: Finding Influencers

To introduce the workshops, Loic Moisand presented on finding influencers.  He advised monitoring keywords not only for your brand, but also your competitors and the industry as a whole.  From this monitoring you should be able to develop a list of influencers speaking about your topics in the space.  To further flesh out your influencer networks, you can delve into their blogs, the comments posted there, and their social media connections.  He shared a story of working on luxury watches and finding that the same influencers who cared about luxury automobiles also were influencers in luxury watches.  That allowed them to leverage the luxury automotive networks to support the watch business.

To determine the influence of the site, an important metric is visibility.  A proxy for this is page rank.  Another metric is authority, as defined by membership in a community and measured by inbound and outbound links.  For Twitter users, the important metrics to determine influence are activity (number of tweets), reach (number of followers), and authority (number of times he or she has been added to a list).  User influence also relies on other public profile information, like Linkedin, Facebook, and other forums.

Combining influencers with your topics and mentions, you can create a dashboard that will track the sentiments for a brand and how influential voices are affecting it.  By looking at influencer at an industry level, you can find those who are talking about your competitors but not your brand.  You can then reach out and connect with these influencers in order to invite them to your brand’s conversation (and hopefully create a new advocate for the brand.)

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