MSM 10 – Bootcamp Workshop – Constructing a Query

Giles Palmer of Brandwatch reiterated the importance of determining the correct queries for your listening strategy.  Until monitoring tools can gives us feedback on which queries are relevant and irrelevant, we must understand the methods of creating appropriate queries.  He begin his discussion by describing Boolean operators for queries.  He described how Google’s search, for example, utilizes an OR operator by default.  He listed a few basic and special operators:

  • AND – all of multiple terms
  • OR – at least one of terms
  • NOT – exclusion of terms
  • “_” – search strings
  • ( _) – grouping of search terms
  • RAW – searching an exact string, including case and symbols)
  • INURL – searching the web address
  • INTITLE – searching in tags
  • LINK – searching in links
  • NEAR – searching terms based on proximity to one another
  • AUTHOR – searching by author tag/attribution
  • SITE – one or a number of site
  • LOCATION – geographic location
  • * – wildcard (any number of characters around string)
  • ? – wildcard (a single character)

Note that some of these Booleans (e.g., site or location) can be applied to search results to refine the query.  Palmer shared a query that combined a number of rather complicated searches including many of these operators:

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