MSM 10 – Social Media Monitoring for the Little Guys

Wendi Caplan-Carroll, regional director for the NY Metro at Constant Contact presented on how small businesses are succeeding at social media marketing and social media monitoring.  Caplan-Carroll refers to the reluctance for small businesses to take part on the social web as “social media anxiety”.  In response to anxiety, they might try to do too much or nothing at all.

You must provide a great customer experience; there is no cure for not being excellent.  Word of mouth is critical for small businesses.  New tools have changed the game.  Caplan-Carroll illustrates this as an inverted pyramid, but the concept is the same as talking about entering the funnel at engagement instead of awareness.

Caplan-Carroll puts the members of your audience is five buckets:

  • Raving fans
  • Customers & members
  • Prospects
  • Suspects
  • Disinterested

Caplan-Carroll recommended that small businesses can measure the impact of social media by asking some of the following questions:

  • What is being said about you?
  • Are you seen as an expert?
  • How well are you engaging with existing experts?
  • Are you reaching new customers en masse?
  • How are you reaching specific customers
  • Get creative!
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