MSM 10 – Effective Engagement through Analytics

Jodee Rich, CEO of PeopleBrowsr sees social media as the impetus for the next evolution in human socialization.  PeopleBrowsr is taking “Big Data” and giving it back to “Little Brother” in what Rich calls a “reverse Orwellian” experience.  He sees analytics as a way to build instant communities in the future.

Rich spoke of the speed of adoption of social media technologies and the rapid pace at which messages propagate through Facebook, Twitter, and SMS.  He shared the two key differentiated factors of Twitter: its archive is open and searchable, and its friendships are asynchronous.

He examined several social vectors that he sees that Twitter can be used to organize and predict:

  • Persona – ability to classify person without additional data gathering
  • Breaking trends – tracking retweet acceleration to predict trends
  • Sentiment – mechanical and human sentiment analysis
  • Influence and Engagement – based on contextual elements
  • Trust
  • Relevance
  • Connectedness – degrees of separation

Rich foresees the next two years as being very important for social, as it moves from a cottage industry to a professional one.  He expects scale to increase, social to steal from search, and platforms to begin to converge.  He closed his presentation with a demonstration of using PeopleBrowsr data on, an interface for PeopleBrowsr’s connectedness and social media data.

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