MSM 10 – Beyond Listening: Reinventing Social Keyword Monitoring

Chase McMichael, co-founder and CEO of presented on the challenges of keyword monitoring as well as how brands can make use of the practice.  Social media monitor is reactive, taking a large set and trying to filter it down to a usable level.  People is social media are “drinking from a social media fire hose” and entering into “Facebook fatigue” from the sheer amount of updates.  There is a cacophony of voices vying for attention.

McMichael notes that it’s not about listening to your current contacts; it’s about listening to your influencers and those talking about your brand.  Unlike monitoring, social intelligence is proactive.  You have to be part of your audience’s conversation in order to engage with them.  You need to know who and what your audience is following and which topics are relevant to them.  This will allow you to connect with “socially promiscuous” individuals who are active around similar brands.  If you can be relevant to your audience with on-point content, you can achieve the greatest interaction and engagement.  Curate and create content around relevant topics, and you can be the smartest person in the room.

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