ad:tech Press Briefing

Before the conference tracks began this morning, ad:tech organized a press briefing from companies including Acquisio, AdSafe,, Conduit, eZipIt, Google, LinkedIn, Marin Software, Netshelter, Syncapse, and Telenav.  The briefing began with a discussion on changes and additions to the ad:tech program this year, such as the ambassador program, as well as interconnections between the conference and expo.

Following the introduction, the companies each gave short presentation with product announcements: presented on its keyword marketplace launch.  The marketplace is a pay-per click network that extends distribution beyond Google’s and Yahoo’s offerings at a lower price point.  Their ClickShield technology rates publishers and dynamically updates the available advertisements based on click-through rates.


Conduit , “the largest app platform you’ve never heard of” offers a white-label platform.  They have passed 200 million active end users worldwide.  They announced a Groupon web app.

Netshelter Technology Media

Netshelter partners with tech bloggers, reaching an audience of 40 million unique users in the US.  They announced Series B funding.  They offer branding displays and integrated custom ad buys.

Ezipit from is a private, invite-only shopping club focusing on connecting, shopping, and earning.  On the portal, customers can refer friends through e-mail and social networks and earn cash back for their referrals.  Items available include local and national deals ranging from travel to restaurants and more.  Open enrollment ends November 2010.  After December 2010, new members must join through a social networking invite.


Acquisio has traditional been a paid search management platforms serving agencies.  They have recently repositioned the company to include display and social media.  They announced the release of a tracking and attribution platform that also includes third party purchasing.  The technology is free to customers until Summer 2011.


Telenav presented about a study on “which brands own the road”.  Telenav currently has 17 million subscribers across 500 devices and offer search and location-targeted ads.  They can report “drive-tos” in addition to click-through rates on ads.  They shared leading brands from three key verticals from their study: fast food, hotels, and big box retailers.  The key insight to advertisers in mobile is that you have to offer more than just a click-through to customers.  It’s also critical advertisers find their way to the top of search results in order to increase click-through rates.


AdSafe is a ad content rating service.  They announced in tandem with real-time bidder AdMeld that they are offering a service to rate ads as they are offered in real-time.  This is expected to lead to high brand advertising rates and better CPMs.


Syncapse is an enterprise social media services company.  They see an evolution on the web toward asset- and content-management.  They are launching a cross-platform suite for social networking advertisers.  The press release for the platform is being released this afternoon with a formal launch.

Marin Software

Marin Software is a platform for PPC ad sales that is utilized by large retailers and agencies.  They presented on “The Impact of Google Instant on Paid Search”.  Examining 8 million keywords over a month, there was a 9% increase in impressions and clicks, and the average cost per click decreased.  In other words, there were more searches, and the users interacted more with the search results.  Users were avoiding misspelling and using few words when searching.  This yielded more successful search results and more exposure for advertisers.


LinkedIn is launching a new product that seeks to leverage personal recommendation by launching a platform to showcase products and services.  Companies can aggregate recommendations that can become a message and a part of ad units.  The service is free and available to any company, and can be customized for the audience.  They will be demoing the product this afternoon at ad:tech.


Google presented on the latest update to intelligence reports in Google Analytics.  A problem for users, according to Google, is that analytics reports tend to report too much data, forcing marketers to look for a needle in a haystack.  They demonstrated custom alerts that are added to daily alerts on the Google Analytics dashboard.  These alerts explain sources of site referrals, helping users determine where unexpected traffic is coming from.  This is being called the “Major Contributors” report, and along with AdWord tracking, it is now a part of Google Analytics.

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