Viral Marketing Campaigns for Employment – “Hire Kevin Haughwout!”

While I’ve mostly separated self-promotion from my discussions of marketing promotions here (except for a quick plug for the Social Media Coffeehouse when it first launched), I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a social media campaign that I’m running as a part of my efforts to get a new job, especially now that it’s getting some media coverage.

I figured that it would be more likely for me to get a job in social media marketing if I could point to a campaign that I had spearheaded.  I launched “Hire Kevin Haughwout!” on August 31st.  The web site at the center of the campaign (pronounced “how it works”) was designed to quickly catch a visitor’s eye.  It has a collection of videos describing my background and where I want to go, and (most importantly) a series of sharing buttons so that visitors can pass the site on to their friends and colleagues.  As I say in one of the videos, “you may not be hiring, and you may not know someone who’s hiring, but I’ll bet you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who’s hiring.”

Part of my campaign was also reaching out to traditional news outlets to spread the story.  This weekend, The Record, a northern NJ newspaper, published a story on my campaign and job search: “Hoping innovation works: Marketer goes viral to get a job”.  I don’t think that the title’s perfect (as a marketing professor of mine always said, “hope is not a strategy”), but I’m thrilled to have the publicity.

OKay, enough about me.  I’m covering the DIGIDAY:MOBILE and DIGIDAY:SOCIAL conferences this week, so come back Monday and Tuesday for entries on the panels I attend.

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