DIGIDAY:SOCIAL – Beyond Listening

Cracking the Code: Why Semantics is the Key to Social Media Monetization

Semantics is all about understanding the meaning of content.  With all the content that is being collected, you have to understand it if you are going to monetize it.

Mark Redgrave, CEO of OpenAmplify

Colin Sutton, Managing Director at M80

Eric Porres, CMO of Lotame

Sutton has seen most of his customers using listening tools but having little understanding of semantics.  Are Facebook updates being commented upon?  Are blog entries drawing engagement?  Porres shared that brands need to know more than just what people are talking about in public forums.  They must also understand how the segments exposed to these sentiments are reacting.  Sutton notes that many clients are coming in seeking tactics rather than strategies, and that understanding semantics can drive strategy creation.  Similarly, it can aid in determining which KPIs are actually critical to a brand online.

Redgrave expressed that client perception and misconceptions abound.  Porres offered opportunities that abound for those who understand semantics, whether it is in advertising, politics, or managing events like product recalls.  Sutton believes that agencies and developers must educate clients on the need for semantics and how to understand them.

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