DIGIDAY:SOCIAL – Are you Listening?

Panel – Are You Listening?  Using Social Insights to Shape Your Marketing Strategy

Dave Hendricks, COO of LiveIntent (moderator)

Jasper Snyder, VP of Research at Converseon

Lee Maicon, VP of Insight and Planning at 360i

Mike Petit, CIO of OpenAmplify

Baochi Nguyen, PR & Social Media Manager at Boingo Wireless

According to Snyder, listening in social media means listening to your customers (and potential customers) across a wide range of social media channels.  Maicon believes that listening is about paying attention.  Petit seeks to seize an unprecedented opportunity in social media.  Networks have replaced and expanded traditional ways of seeking the voice of the customer. Instead of using call centers, brands can listen to what their customers are sharing.  Nguyen, meanwhile, focused on the importance of listening to both superfans and critics.

There is a lot of noise in social media, and it’s difficult to listen to everything.  Maicon feels that brands often listen too much or listen to the wrong things.  They have to be intelligent in choosing their samples.  Snyders noted that how you listen is affected on how you use the data.  For customer service, for example, it may be insufficient to only listen to a sample.  For R&D or insights purposes, though, a sample is more appropriate.  Petit explained that quality of feedback is critical; what part of the conversation is pedestrian, and what part of the conversation should you be paying attention to? However, quality should not be just based on whether it answers a desired question, as that threatens to overlook other important points.  Another key point is what a brand does with its listening.  Nguyen used an example of Boingo using customer questions to develop a FAQ.

Hendricks asked the panel about the role of influencers.  Should brands pay attention to users with higher Klout scores?  Maicon noted that even when people have an equal vote, there always exist individuals with a bigger voice.  If a brand wants to break away from listening just based on the brand’s keywords, the panel recommends listening to broader category keywords, and Petit recommends focusing on level of engagement rather that just keywords.  A limit to keywords it how people use different terms (e.g., pronouns) to reference an item.

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