DIGIDAY:SOCIAL – Social Media is Just One Big Party

Avi Savar, CEO of Big Fuel, likened entering a social media conversation to entering a party, and he noted that the same tactics that help someone communicate in an off-line social engagement can also be used in social media.  You have to pretend that you’re getting dressed up for a big party and follow some simple rules:

Craft an opening line – Lead with people stories, not product stories.  Brands need to think like publishers and use content to make real connections.  Think of your recipients as an audience, not as customers.

Work the room – Embrace fragmentation.  Break the audience into segments and adjust your talking points based on the segment.  Create unique, personalized content that resonates with the desired segments.

Show up with the “in crowd” – Leverage influencers to gain instant credibility and helps you be known by association.  Influencers make up 16% of the population but are responsible for 80% of influence.

Don’t just make eye contact – Engagements always trump impressions.  You have to participate in the conversations.

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