IWNY – Hearing a #Promise

Given the opportunity to watch the #Promise forum live at Internet Week, I’ve changed my schedule around.  The event looks, if you’ll excuse the pun, very promising.  Looking over the agenda, there are speeches from companies ranging from PepsiCo (who’s sponsoring the event), Timberland, GE, MTV, and Nokia.  There’s also a special presentation by Edward Norton (who is described in the welcoming notes as an “actor/entrepreneur”.)

I’ve got a pretty good view of the proceedings.  We’ll see what photos I can get and post on Twitter during the event.

Outside the hall, there’s a screen put up by Yahoo! where you can “spray paint” artwork.  I know it’s a bit shameless, but I made sure to “tag” it before the event started.  I’m hoping that at least a few people got to check it out before it was cleared.

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