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One of the cool things about working as a press blogger at Internet Week NY was getting to meet other press people.  One of them, Allan Hoffman, was preparing a story for NJ’s The Star Ledger (“Internet Week proves New York rivals Silicon Valley in tech savvy“), and I got a chance to give him a few comments while we both worked on our writings across the table from one another.

If New York feels like it’s still operating in the shadow of Silicon Valley, it wasn’t showing it for Internet Week.

“You’ve got this incredible creative scene,” said Kevin Haughwout of Little Falls, a blogger (at who was attending various Internet Week events. “You’ve got the universities, two of the top 10 business schools, and you’ve got this incredible tech scene.”

I loved getting the mention, and I loved even more getting my blog’s name published!  I also got to add some commentary on the sheer number of events at IWNY.

“I’m double and triple booked,” Haughwout said. “It’s like when I was a kid at Disney World. There’s so much I want to see.”

Internet Week was a blast, and next year’s event can’t come soon enough for me (though I probably wouldn’t have said that if I hadn’t gotten a chance to catch up on missed sleep last night!)

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